Saturday, February 26, 2011

My infant clothes obsession is getting out of hand.

Is that how you spell "obsession"??? idk. I went to Hobby Lobby today, to look at some fabric to get ideas for something, and I see they have the cutest little dress hanging up on display to show you what you can do with the new spring fabrics. This dress was freaking ADORABLE. Like, sooooo cute. And there is only 1 way I can get it.

I took my ass to Jo Ann Fabrics and signed up for sewing classes biznitches.

I'm sure I could probably have ASKED if there was a possibility of buying the dress, but whatever. I need to make that shit.

Need I mention, that I am also a member of an online forum specifically dedicated to certain children's clothing brands?? And that I spend a commendable amount of time on this forum...and that I actually have my very own thread dedicated to my ISO's.

What is an ISO you ask?? I WILL TELL YOU.

ISO stand for 'In Search Of' in specific pieces I am searching for, in certain sizes for Brynn.

This is what my life has come down to. I mean really, they're just clothes.

But they make my kid better dressed than yours, which is EVERYTHING to me.

So spam me with any 18-24 gymboree fairy fashionable and daddy's night owl you may have. Please and thank you.

And no, I will not sew you anything.