Thursday, October 14, 2010

When it rains, it pours. So where can I get cute rain boots, size 8?

I haven't been a very active internetish person the past 2 days, the baby was in the hospital. We now believe she had a simple stomach virus, and she is feeling better ut still not up to par.

We took her to the ER Tuesday night around 9:30-10 pm, bc she started vomiting around 8 out of nowhere. The girl had  agreat day, there was not even the slightest cold-like symptom. But she just randomly started vomiting & gagging horribly, and I just could not let her go through the night like that, I didn't want her getting dehydrated. So off the ER we go. Which is EXACTLY in our budget right now, let me tell you. Hopefully we've met our out of pocket max for the year, or I'm going to be making payments for a long, long time.

Anyway, in the ER they did some bloodwork, did a chest xray, and said she had pneumonia. Ummm hello? What? Pneumonia? She hasn't even freakin SNEEZED. But I'm not a doctor, so what do I know? Then her white blood cells were elevated, so they decide they need to do a spinal tap to check for meningitis. And then tell me horrible meningitis is and all of the horrible things that cold happen. Needless to say, I stood in the hallway with the hubs, crying for awhile until they came out & said the spinal fluid was clear. Thank God, bc it was one of those moments where I was just wondering if things that you hope will never happen, were going to happen. Worst. feeling. ever.

They finally admitted her and got us a room in peds around 4am. We were exhausted. She still vomited some in the morning, so she wasn't allowed to eat for 8 hours to allow her stomach to rest. She finally started taking some pedialyte this morning, and eventually took a bottle, all of which has stayed down. Now, we have diarrhea instead. The doctor wanted to keep her another night, but honestly, it's too much for out family to do that, and we can't afford for hubs to miss more work. I think I can handle the diarrhea. I've done it numerous times with my son, and she's going to her regular doctors office early in the morning, so I'm really not worried about it. I think she'll be fine.

And on top of this, hubs is in his cousins wedding this weekend, so will be tied up Friday & Saturday nights. Hopefully, she'll be well enough we can still make it to the wedding.

So keep little miss Brynn in your prayers. She acts fine, you'd never know something was wrong with her. So hopefully her poop turns to more soft serve rather than pond water. ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaacccckkkkkkk

Hello my little monsters! Yes, I AM actually Lady Gaga. No, not really, but I do enjoy a good meat dress when appropriate.

There I go getting off track already.

So my computer literally melted last week. Don't ask. So Hubs debated the options for a few days and finally decided to buy a laptop, which I am on now. Hopefully he fixes the desktop soon as well. I kinda miss my giant way too expensive super duper computer screen. It's pretty awesome as far as computer monitors go. And I was pissed when he bought it. Ha.

Huh well this would be maybe a bit more interesting but there is a baby staring at me whining, like she wants food or something. Peace out dolls.

(Dolls. What was Kourteney thinking wanting another baby with Scott????)