Monday, February 22, 2010

Sorry I'm a's a look into what's been going on...

So, I promised you all snowstorm aftermath pictures. Finally, I remembered how to download pics and am now posting them. (I seriously am completely stupid with computers. I apologize. I honestly would rather pick up my prints at Wal-Mart and hand-write you all letters. Okay, maybe not so much.)
Second, I am going to post never before seen pics of my kids so you can put a face with all my stories. And tell me how cute they are. (BTW- Yes, he has duct tape on his hand. He had a wart that we were treating. And it actually works!! Oh and he's totally eating a cookie in the other pic, so forgive the chocolate on the lip.)
Third, I went back to work last week, so I've been slacking on reading/commenting/posting lately. I suck. Oh- and to Kelly at Speaking From The Crib, I DID make an effort to listen to your last podcast. I got about 10 min. into it and had to turn it off bc I had a crying infant and a crying, whiny, almost 4 year old. You understand. But the snippets I heard were funny, and I did laugh.

I'd like to leave you with some of my son's quotes from the past couple days...

Last night, as Hubs told him to stand back while he opened the oven, my son yells "Ohhhhh it's gettin REAL now!!"

As I was putting him in the truck after daycare today, "Mom, don't strap me in yet. I want to give myself a wedgie!"

And as we were having quiet time before bed the other night he whispers "Mom, sometimes I fart during quiet time."

Of course you do son, of course you do.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I work, but am acting like a SAHM.

So when I was growing up, I had this friend (who is still my bff by the way) that I was with 24/7. I was fascinated by the way her mom, who never worked, would go spend money on frivolous things; It totally baffled me how 1. her dad apparently made a TON of money, and 2. that her mom could do this, and it was okay with her dad that her mom shopped CONSTANTLY. Okay, frivolous things is not the right phrase...example: I've been there when they've dropped about $60 on Blockbuster on 3 movies and LOADS of movie theater candy. Also in high school, said friend would bring in huge bags of candy. And give it away. Like the entire bag. To ONE person. And about 12 people would get one. I found it completely ridic.

Now, let's not mention that junior year they used my bff's college fund to pay off their debt. (That's what she tells me anyway.) And I'm pretty sure they're in credit-card debt again; bff has mentioned that her dad is starting to get frustrated with her mom about this. Understandable.

I find myself making purchases that I don't really NEED, I just want really bad, so I bring something home & quickly explain to Hubs what a great deal it was and how I'm going to use it and when...If I want to make a bigger purchase, say over $40 (I'm a cheap ass, and all my money goes to daycare & groceries, so yes, Hubs would notice pretty much any purchase I make bc I never have money!!) I always give Hubs a heads up, to tell him I want something and why, so he's not shocked when I buy it, and then give me a lecture on how our money could be better spent elsewhere. Such as: (here's to you, MODG) I told him the other day that I was so going to join Shoedazzle and explained it to him. He said "So you're going to pay $40, for a pair of shoes worth about $20 bc Kim Kardashian picked them out and you think you guys are friends now?" Yes. Exactly. Glad to see you catch on so quick. (I also strategically told him this immediately following him telling me he was buying parts to build a computer for his car. An eye for an eye, ya know?)

To wrap this up (I gotta go to work) my goal in life is to find ways to spend Hubs money and him be OKAY with it. Even encourage it. The End.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wow. That's all I have to say; about a lot of things!

First, I am delighted that I just logged on, and had 3 whole comments to moderate! I'm stoked over 1, so you can imagine me over 3. That's a first. Thank you ladies. Apparently, every girl likes Barbies when she grows up!

Second, the snow is hammering down here in NW Ohio, and typically, I hate snow. I've hated snow my entire life. Because I've spent many hours standing in slush, waiting on the bus as a kid, or stomping through slush going to and from the car, oh yeah and shoveling my driveway as a kid with my mom, which is back-breaking labor, even when you're 8. Hell, ESPECIALLY when you're 8. But right now, this winter, I'm totally loving this. I practically can't keep my little guy inside. My in-laws live in the country and had a massive drift, about 6 ft tall that stretched all the way down & across their dr5zn it too, and I thought he was going to take a tumble, but he didn't. It's so fun to see him having so much fun. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes, but I think it was partly because I love to see him so happy & carefree...

So today he's home with me. He's normally at pre-school today, but they are all closed. His actually didn't (yet, but they will be), but I called him in anyway. I got up at 6am to feed the baby this morning & fell asleep in the recliner & was awoken to him running in saying "Mom! It's snowing!!"

When this is all said & done, I'll post some pics of the aftermath! Happy winter storm everyone!

Monday, February 8, 2010

This is what my life has come to.

So, as my current facebook status boasts, I just saw a commercial for Dentist Barbie, and my mood instantly perked up. Forget that I spend all day watching Nickelodeon, forget that this morning on the Today show they said your waist should not measure more than 35 in., when I am currently holding a 38 (BABY 5 WEEKS AGO, LET'S NOT FORGET THAT PART), forget that I am so broke from not working in 2 months that I spend a great deal of time deciding which account I shold shuffle money from for the week. My heart broke out in song when I turned around and saw Dentist Barbie, working on her patient in a dental chair. I genuinely smiled and said "Finally! Dentist Barbie!" And my son said "Do you want that mommy? I will but it for you if you want it." and of course, I told him yes, I did. He said "Okay, me and dad will buy it for you."

He sounds so sweet, doesn't he? He puts on such a good show sometimes.

*I'm also planning an art project for the little guy this week. We're going to make daddy a valentines card, complete with glitter and glue and paints. Yeah. I'm planning this for Wednesday, and will probably blog about what a bad idea it was on Thursday.*

*While looking for a picture of Dentist Barbie, I find out there is a Dentist Barbie from 1997, that is on for $168.99. So I guess this wasn't some ingenius idea it took 60 years to come up with...Interesting, but pass. I'll take a new one for $20. Thanks.*

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm still waiting for my Grammy invite. To PERFORM, that is.

First and foremost, I need to say (as I did on my current facebook status), that if I had to sit directly behind Lady Gaga at any awards show, I'd request a new seat. There is no way anyone could see what was going on over the head gear she insists on wearing all. the. time. Now, I have a new appreciation for Gaga, bc "Bad Romance" is my new fav, which also makes me rethink my opinion on "Poker Face" and "Just Dance". Ok, not "Just Dance"; that song is ridiculous in all ways imaginable. I'm sorry, but being too drunk to know where the eff you are is NOT something to sing about. But whatev, she's making millions off of it, I'm not, so who the hell am I??

Second, I was SHOCKED to learn that Bon Jovi had never played the Grammys before. This was looooonnnggggg overdue. I am also displeased that America voted for them to play "Livin on a Prayer". "Always" should've won, no questions asked. Not that I'm not a fan of Livin...I am, but I've drunk karaoked it enough times to be like Okay, I totally get it, you're living on a prayer; ENOUGH.

Third, if anyone who's anyone had seen my spectacular performance at Pierre's Nightclub on my bachelorette party, I soooo would be a star right now. In fact, my blogger profile pic is evidence of this night. I was invited onstage by the band, Jedi Mind Trip, (they're from Michigan and cover all amazing things rock. They really are a good band.) and I proceeded to steal the spotlight for the rest of the night. I've always dreamed of being a singing star since I was like 5, so this was my BIG CHANCE. With lights & microphones & fans screaming for me. And it was AWESOME. Way more awesome than Pink hanging from silks. And way more awesome than Green Day singing along with their broadway cast. Isn't that guy like 65 now anyway? Good God, I remember rocking out with my brothers to "Dookie" in like 1992.

Alas, I could've given a better show than any of 'em. Watch out Beyonce, and Taylor, you too (even though I heart you both...), your 15 minutes (okay more like 15 hours) will be UP when I come to town. Or just drunk karaoke at some "club" this summer on yet another bachelorette party------------->>>