Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I work, but am acting like a SAHM.

So when I was growing up, I had this friend (who is still my bff by the way) that I was with 24/7. I was fascinated by the way her mom, who never worked, would go spend money on frivolous things; It totally baffled me how 1. her dad apparently made a TON of money, and 2. that her mom could do this, and it was okay with her dad that her mom shopped CONSTANTLY. Okay, frivolous things is not the right phrase...example: I've been there when they've dropped about $60 on Blockbuster on 3 movies and LOADS of movie theater candy. Also in high school, said friend would bring in huge bags of candy. And give it away. Like the entire bag. To ONE person. And about 12 people would get one. I found it completely ridic.

Now, let's not mention that junior year they used my bff's college fund to pay off their debt. (That's what she tells me anyway.) And I'm pretty sure they're in credit-card debt again; bff has mentioned that her dad is starting to get frustrated with her mom about this. Understandable.

I find myself making purchases that I don't really NEED, I just want really bad, so I bring something home & quickly explain to Hubs what a great deal it was and how I'm going to use it and when...If I want to make a bigger purchase, say over $40 (I'm a cheap ass, and all my money goes to daycare & groceries, so yes, Hubs would notice pretty much any purchase I make bc I never have money!!) I always give Hubs a heads up, to tell him I want something and why, so he's not shocked when I buy it, and then give me a lecture on how our money could be better spent elsewhere. Such as: (here's to you, MODG) I told him the other day that I was so going to join Shoedazzle and explained it to him. He said "So you're going to pay $40, for a pair of shoes worth about $20 bc Kim Kardashian picked them out and you think you guys are friends now?" Yes. Exactly. Glad to see you catch on so quick. (I also strategically told him this immediately following him telling me he was buying parts to build a computer for his car. An eye for an eye, ya know?)

To wrap this up (I gotta go to work) my goal in life is to find ways to spend Hubs money and him be OKAY with it. Even encourage it. The End.



  2. It takes a while...but you get used to it. Ah ha

  3. Separate bank accounts. Its the only way. Found you from your crazy confession at MODG! OMG! So glad it worked out though!