Monday, February 8, 2010

This is what my life has come to.

So, as my current facebook status boasts, I just saw a commercial for Dentist Barbie, and my mood instantly perked up. Forget that I spend all day watching Nickelodeon, forget that this morning on the Today show they said your waist should not measure more than 35 in., when I am currently holding a 38 (BABY 5 WEEKS AGO, LET'S NOT FORGET THAT PART), forget that I am so broke from not working in 2 months that I spend a great deal of time deciding which account I shold shuffle money from for the week. My heart broke out in song when I turned around and saw Dentist Barbie, working on her patient in a dental chair. I genuinely smiled and said "Finally! Dentist Barbie!" And my son said "Do you want that mommy? I will but it for you if you want it." and of course, I told him yes, I did. He said "Okay, me and dad will buy it for you."

He sounds so sweet, doesn't he? He puts on such a good show sometimes.

*I'm also planning an art project for the little guy this week. We're going to make daddy a valentines card, complete with glitter and glue and paints. Yeah. I'm planning this for Wednesday, and will probably blog about what a bad idea it was on Thursday.*

*While looking for a picture of Dentist Barbie, I find out there is a Dentist Barbie from 1997, that is on for $168.99. So I guess this wasn't some ingenius idea it took 60 years to come up with...Interesting, but pass. I'll take a new one for $20. Thanks.*


  1. Awwwwwww, me and Daddy will buy it for you...Sooooo sweet! I'm waiting for blogger Barbie! ah ha ha

  2. Blogger Barbie! Now THAT'S an ingenius (sp?) idea!

  3. Dentist Barbie... No offense, but I don't enjoy the dentist and to PLAY with her sounds... unenjoyable. Kind of like... going to the dentist.


    Go hygenists! The world needs good people to clean our teeth.

  4. Sarah, your son is sooo adorable!!Blogger Barbie
    The $20 one, is good!
    Hope your day is a good one so far!
    Betty xx

  5. I owuld love to see the Stay at Home Mom Barbie. Would she come with a bottle of White wine?

  6. I love that dentist Barbie still has her heels on. I mean, we would be disappointed if she didnt.

    Um, PICTURES of your Valentines Glitter Cards! What did hubs say?