Monday, May 24, 2010

Weight, weddings & why I don't like either of them...

I have the day off. Which most people love, however I do not. Bc I love money. And I don't make any by being at home. Blaaahhhhhhh

My Shred is not going so swell, I don't think. I sustained a minor injury last week, bc I didn't do the neck circles in the warm-up. They make me super dizzy and I want to vomit. I paid the price the next day when I couldn;t turn my head to the right. My neck was in bad condition. So I took a day off from the shred. I also took this weekend off; Saturday, bc I had to go to a bachlorette party, and Sunday bc it was WAY too hot in the house to be working out. I worked up a sweat just walking around. There was no way Jillian was going to pull me in that night. So I have 5 days until a wedding this weekend. I wonder if anywhere around here sells Spanx?????

And truthfully, I do see a little (small) difference with the shred. Unfortunately, as I've said before, I will not change my diet. If I lived off of lettuce and plain grilled chicken, I'm sure there would be a significant change. But I really like cookies. And cookies like my mid-section. I can't break that up!!

And is it bad of me, to not care about weddings anymore? Like, mine's done, so I'm over the whole wedding thing. I haven't even tanned for this one. At all. I'm at least getting my hair done tomorrow, so that's a plus. Weddings are just highly overrated, but everyone wants one. I tell people all the time, if I could do it over again, we'd have gone away somewhere nice, and done something very small, just us. That way, we'd have saved THOUSANDS of dollars, and we'd have gotten a honeymoon. Hubs & I have never been on a vacation together-EVER. So it's pretty disappointing. It's even more disappointing, bc the reasons why we didn't do that in the first place, was so our families could be there (they couldn't afford to travel, specifically, my dad, who didn't even go to the reception. Which I found out AT THE RECEPTION.) There was a lot of things about my wedding that I went out of my way to do for others, instead of doing things for myself, and those people didn't even care, so to me, it was just a bunch of hurt feelings & wasted money. I'm thankful for my marriage itself...and I did get some really nice pictures (which I could've gotten nice pics somewhere else too.) Have I ever talked about how my cake was the wrong color?? Agh don't even get me started.

What is your attitude toward weddings? Are you over it too if you're already married? or am I the only mean person in the world???

Monday, May 17, 2010

Chat Stew: Rainy Days, Disney & Shredding

Well more big things are happening. Unfortunately, SOMEONE doesn't know it yet, so I cannot talk about it. No, I'm not pregnant again. It's not even about me. But it may quite possibly fuck up my next year vacation plans, so I'm a little on the fence about it.

I'm on Level II of THE SHRED. GO ME. WOOT WOOT. And I must say, I do not actually own a scale, so I don't really know if I've lost any weight, but I feel like I only look about 3 months pregnant, as opposed to 4 or 5, so that's always a plus. (Especially when I'M NOT EVEN PREGNANT.) T minus 12 days until wedding #1 of the summer. 12 days, 12 lbs....think I can do it??? Maybe. But I haven't changed my diet. Um at all. I'm just one of those people that cannot possibly diet. It's bad enough I am forcing myself to do a work-out video, must I also punish myself with food??? No effing way. I can't give up chocolate milk, 100 calorie pack chocolate covered pretzels, Taco Bell, or McDonald's mocha frappe's (might as well be crack). Won't happen. I am a big believer that good food enhances your life. Now maybe if I were 400 lbs, THAT might be different... Luckily, I'm not. I'm only HA YOU THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO TELL YOU MY WEIGHT RIGHT THERE DIDN'T YA??????

Did I mention that Hubs watches me work out and makes fun of me at least 25% of the time, which is 25% too much??? He does.

I've also been spending a large amount of my internet time planning my Disney vacay. Which I am shooting for next spring, unless said big stuff doesn't fuck it up. I just choose to sometimes go to my happy place, which are a small collection of websites devoted to Disney World. I've never been, but have been on a lifelong quest of getting there. This slew of weddings (4 altogether) really effed me in the A this year, as ummm we were planning to go this week actually come to think of it. And here I sit in Ohio, and it's been pouring down rain since about 8am, and doesn't look to be stopping anytime soon. I'd be having a WAY better time in the World searching for Hidden Mickeys, and getting my hair done at the BBB. (Ok, so I'm not really going to get my hair done at BBB. Well, maybe. A little glitter never hurt.) I could be poolside at the AKL, instead I'm worried there may be a pool forming in my basement (it leaks with heavy rain). So with that I will leave you with a pic of the Happiest Place on Earth, and hope it brings a little magic to your day, as it does mine...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I have an announcement. Not a good one.

I went to my Dr yesterday to get the BC shot. (Hurts like a bitch, btw.) And the first thing they asked me to do is step onto the scale.

Um I'd rather not, but whatev.
Ok I just had a baby blah blah blah. I should at least SLOWLY be losing SOMETHING, right???
But instead the confirmed me & my husbands suspicions.

I am becoming a fat ass. I GAINED 9 LBS since 3 months ago.
WHAAAATTTT????So today on my lunch break, I purchased this:

YEAH I KNOW. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I've got 20 lbs to lose, and a weeding to be in memorial day weekend. And another 4 weeks later....and another 2 months after that. KILL ME NOW.

I mean, with problems like these, how can I possibly focus on more important things, like whether or not to ask Kim to send me 5 more selections or keep what I got?????? I JUST DON'T KNOW.

I have strongly considered posting "before & after" pics of my weight loss journey, and for the sake of my privacy, I will just give you a representation. Here is my "before":

And here is my "after" (in 30 days):

I won't leave home to work out. That's why I spent 9 hard earned dollars on J.M.'s dvd. Oh and she's got another one- "Last Chance Work-Out". PUH-LEASE!! Actually I may buy it just for funsies. And challenge Hubs to a last-chance work out duel. He's already refused to shred with me though. Whatev.

So my current challenge is getting Hubs out of the living room so I can use the dvd player. (Actually, blue-ray bc we're fancy kind of folk.)