Monday, May 24, 2010

Weight, weddings & why I don't like either of them...

I have the day off. Which most people love, however I do not. Bc I love money. And I don't make any by being at home. Blaaahhhhhhh

My Shred is not going so swell, I don't think. I sustained a minor injury last week, bc I didn't do the neck circles in the warm-up. They make me super dizzy and I want to vomit. I paid the price the next day when I couldn;t turn my head to the right. My neck was in bad condition. So I took a day off from the shred. I also took this weekend off; Saturday, bc I had to go to a bachlorette party, and Sunday bc it was WAY too hot in the house to be working out. I worked up a sweat just walking around. There was no way Jillian was going to pull me in that night. So I have 5 days until a wedding this weekend. I wonder if anywhere around here sells Spanx?????

And truthfully, I do see a little (small) difference with the shred. Unfortunately, as I've said before, I will not change my diet. If I lived off of lettuce and plain grilled chicken, I'm sure there would be a significant change. But I really like cookies. And cookies like my mid-section. I can't break that up!!

And is it bad of me, to not care about weddings anymore? Like, mine's done, so I'm over the whole wedding thing. I haven't even tanned for this one. At all. I'm at least getting my hair done tomorrow, so that's a plus. Weddings are just highly overrated, but everyone wants one. I tell people all the time, if I could do it over again, we'd have gone away somewhere nice, and done something very small, just us. That way, we'd have saved THOUSANDS of dollars, and we'd have gotten a honeymoon. Hubs & I have never been on a vacation together-EVER. So it's pretty disappointing. It's even more disappointing, bc the reasons why we didn't do that in the first place, was so our families could be there (they couldn't afford to travel, specifically, my dad, who didn't even go to the reception. Which I found out AT THE RECEPTION.) There was a lot of things about my wedding that I went out of my way to do for others, instead of doing things for myself, and those people didn't even care, so to me, it was just a bunch of hurt feelings & wasted money. I'm thankful for my marriage itself...and I did get some really nice pictures (which I could've gotten nice pics somewhere else too.) Have I ever talked about how my cake was the wrong color?? Agh don't even get me started.

What is your attitude toward weddings? Are you over it too if you're already married? or am I the only mean person in the world???


  1. I'm sorry you had such a bummer of a wedding. Maybe someday you guys could take a trip and renew your vows so you would have happy memories associated with your wedding!

  2. That's actually my plan Kristin!! Some day...

  3. This is the story of my life. I really played down my wedding b/c it was my husband's second and I was preggers (teehee). And I totally regret not doing what I WANTED to do. Because of this we also didn't get a honeymoon and have still never taken a trip together. But tomorrow is only our second anniversary, so Lord knows we got time. Thats what I keep telling myself at least.

  4. I can relate to this post.
    May some day you take that most desired trip.
    Hope you have a great week ahead, Sarah!
    Big hugs!
    B xx

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  6. Jillian is CRAZY! Her workouts are intense, but they do get results. Good luck.

    I'm just in the planning stages of my wedding and I feel the same way you do. We are keeping it small, Just 45 on the guest list. I'm trying to find a location to just do a nice formal dinner and the ceremony and call it day! I mean, Im wearing the white dress but you know!

  7. I am sooo over weddings. You know the worst part? I always forget to buy a gift before the wedding, and then everytime I see the happy couple post-wedding, I get the guilt ridden "carp, I owe them a gift" feeling. And I hate having to get my hair done.

  8. Definitely plan the wedding to YOUR dreams. But if you dream big and can afford it, DO IT. I love weddings. Parties ROCK. Any excuse to put on an actual dress and dance with my husband is awesome. In fact, I'm willing to rent us out for weddings! Anyone need a table filled out with a pair that likes to dance?!? We'll get your party started!