Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bodily Secretions Rule My World.

So, aside from the usual pooping issues that Hubs experiences, and aside from my own hemorroidal issues (HAS to be hemorroids, HAS TO...pregnancy does amazing things, let me tell ya) and aside from the fact my infant daughter has an ass explosion every single time she poops...even if it's like a speck of poop, it sounds like a nuclear bomb went off in there...I thought the only one that didn't have poop related issues was Austin. I was wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

This poor kid (mind you, 3 1/2) had awfil diarrhea last night. Like I'm talking, he sat on the toilet for 45 mintues, whining that he wanted his daddy, sometimes crying too, and so much poop came out, it was PILED above the height of the bowl water. As well as splashed up on the sides of the bowl. I honestly don't know where he was storing all of this. But I saw that he did, in fact, eat his corn at lunch...

So we get through that, I give the him, a shower. After that, it was completely neccesary, and he later goes to bed. So at 3am, I hear crying, and I go in there assuming it's the baby. No. Iwalk in and he's standing there just inside the door crying. I ask him what's wrong, and he doesn't answer, his eyes are still closed, so I assume he's sleepwalking again. So I pick him up and take him to my bed. I lay him down, and start to get in bed too. My hand touches my pants, and they feel.....wet. So I'm like OMG did I pee my pants and not even realize it?? So I continue to feel around and my bed is dry. But I was SOAKED. So then I get smart, and I feel his pj's. Soaked. He peed on me. He peed on me, when I picked him up. So I change and go get him new clothes & come back. By now, Hubs is awake telling him it's ok. He eventually talks to me and tells me he was too scared of the dark to go to the bathroom. So he decided peeing on me was a better choice. Awesome.

Oh motherhood.

UPDATE: Bear with me. I'm attempting this adding pictures thing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night has always been my fav....but now for different reasons...

When I was younger & cooler than I am now, Friday nights were the shizznit. I started making my Friday plans on like Wednesday. Yes, it took 2 days of planning to decide where I should get drunk & spend all my hard-earned tips from the evening of waitressing.

Now, I look forward to Friday night, bc it means that Hubs has got night shift with the baby. Might I add, the first weekend of his duties this time around, he failed miserably. On friday, I woke him up every time she cried for a bottle or diaper change. On saturday night, he at least woke up, it was just a matter of him getting out of bed in a timely fashion. Oh yeah- and he only actually got up twice, I believe. I jumped in after that and did 3 more rounds of feeding/diaper changing. So all he got was a pat on the back for keeping her alive, and I took the whole experience as a big eff you. I strongly considered revoking his parental privelages for fear of my child's well-being. But I gave him another shot.

The next weekend- MUCH BETTER. He got the most improved player award, fo sho. He even slept on the couch, and had her sleep out front in her bouncy seat (back off self-proclaimed co-sleeping experts. You all suck. And are highly annoying.) in order to help me get a full nights sleep.

So tonight, I look forward to a bed, occupied only by me. And SILENCE. And SLEEP. REAL SLEEP.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Insomnia is awesome.

So little baby Brynn is 13 days old. She really hasn't been doing too bad at night. What the problem is, is I have some weird urge to be super mom (i.e. making celebratory pink cookies that night after we came home from the hospital, for my 3 year old to take to his preschool the next day...) and I can't sleep. At 3am, when I've already been awoken 87 times, I can't sleep. Because I'm thinking about what laundry needs done, who needs a bath tomorrow night, what I'm making Austin for breakfast, and I wonder if 77 kids has any cool stuff on sale I could buy him...

Aggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! I'm so tired! But a mother's work is never done. The good part is, is I do get everything done in a timely fashion. And I totally knew another child would make my life busier and slightly less convenient. But I admit, I totally blew off a 4am feeding last night, bc she was falling asleep, I was falling asleep holding her, and instead of waking her like we're supposed to, I thought, you know what? She'll be fine. And I put her back down, and went back to sleep. For another hour. By that time, she had been awake most of the night, she was so not into sleeping last night. So really, mommy needed a break. And if she was going to be quiet, more power to us.

It also occured to me, that I should keep a tally of how many times I get up out of bed at night. I may just do that tonight. Because I'm positive it's about 87.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here ya asked for it...

So at the request of my fav sparkly blogger, MODG, I need to give you birth details. No not height & weight, but actual details of the birthing process is what she's after. No prob.

Unfortunatly, it was fairly uneventful, and undramatic this time. I had to be there at 7am, with the surgery scheduled at 9am. I couldn't eat after midnight the night before sweet. Sweet, tell a pregnant chick not to eat. Awesome. So I wolfed down everything in sight until 11:30 the night before. So I wake up, take a shower, put my sweats back on...With my first son, I actually got up & dressed cute to go to the hospital, like in case I saw someone I knew or something, I don't know. But this time I said eff that, I'm putting the same sweats back on I've had on for like 4 days. Whatev. And you can't wear make-up there either, or take jewelry. So I was pretty much a hot mess. Without diamonds. Killer.

So I get there, and they show me to my suite. Yes, I said SUITE. Suite 1 to be exact, which I consider the best place in the house because I was at the end of the hall, where I heard no noise from anyone else's room. Perfect. So we walk in, and the nurse hands me a little bottle of antiseptic and told me to go take a shower & clean my belly really well with the antiseptic. I'm thinking, I just took a GD shower. So I, the queen of shallow questions at doctors/nurses/any medical staff really, ask "Ummm....can I use my shampoo?" because you're not supposed to use ANYTHING when you prep for surgery. Just a plain water shower. Of course, I really did use my shampoo & conditioner at home, because I don't want nasty hair in the thousands of pictures sure to be snapped that day. So nurse says "You don't have to wash your hair, just get your belly." Okay, phew. I can handle a shower for the lower half only.

So I go in, strip down, mind you, I was at the hospital in town that I did not want. My first son was born at a larger, more advanced care hospital, and I was really disappointed that I couldn't go there. My doctor was already scheduled to be at this one. So I am LOOKING for things to be pissed about. So I go into the shower, turn the water on...It took me about 10 minutes to get the water to go from freezing-ice-ass cold, to warm. As I'm fumbling with the shower water, I'm thinking "A cold shower is NOT the way I wanted this to begin. This is not a good sign, not good, not good. I hopeI live..."

*For the record, I just got up to go poop, and my butthole bled, and it hurts so bad. I'm pretty sure I have hemorroids. Stellar. The things we go through for babies...*

Anywoo, I get through the shower scene, and come out and tell Hubs about it and I was growing incresingly more weary of this place. I hop into bed (not really HOP) and the nurse comes back to start my IV, and give me antibiotics. *This is where we need to remember that I have not eaten.*

About 30 min. goes by and I start feeling sick. The nurse grabs a bedpan and I sit there with it, waiting to puke. At this point, I'm feeling sick, it's almost 9am, so I'm counting the minutes until the take me back. The stomach issues combined with anxiety was not working for me. And I was seriously contemplating calling the whole thing off & keeping the baby in forever, because I was pretty sure I was gonna die.

So at 9am, a nurse calls my room & says the doctor is just now starting the surgery ahead of mine. So it's gonna be awhile. You've GOT to be kidding me. So finally, at 9:45, they come & get me. (I have yet to puke.) As they wheel my bed down the hall to the OR, I see a nurse run across the hall, that I went to college with. So then I panic thinking, I wonder who's gonna see me naked in the OR that I met in college. I went to a community/technical school, i.e. LOTS of nurses, and even though I didn't go into nursing, I still took a lot of classes with them for dental hygiene. So I'm flipping out inside my head about this, and as soon as they push me through the doors, I'm scanning every nurse & tech in there for who I knew, because there HAD to be someone. Of course, they all had masks covering everything but their eyes, and caps over their hair. So I gave up on that pretty quickly.

They get me positioned to start my spinal block, and there was a surg. tech in front of me helping to hold my shoulders down. This chick was cool. I couldn't see her face, but we sat there & chatted like we were BFF's. Sweet. *Sidenote about the spinal block: it never occured to me, nor did anyone tell me, that since you can't feel anything, you lose control of what's going on down below. GD.*

So they lay me down & pick me up to move me to the table, and I heard myself let out the most amazing, loud, long fart EVER. And by the time I heard it and realized what it was, I was almost disappointed, that I couldn't feel it, because I'm sure that I would've felt such relief! And then I got embarrassed, but figured everyone probably does it, so whatev. Kind of like the time I farted at my hot chiropractor's office. But that's another (embarrassing) story.

So I can't feel my legs & they strap my arms down ("Like Jesus on the cross" my husband says). And in comes hubs, in all his sterile jumpsuit gear. I told him he looked like he was gonna go paint a house.

And then comes the puking. I turn my head to the side, someone was holding a bedpan by my mouth & the anesthiesilogist was wiping my mouth with a wet washcloth. I felt like I was 95, dying in a nursing home. And I couldn't move my legs, which I became very uncomfortable with, and thought about how much that would suck.

So they cut me open, and the whole time the doctors & nurses are talking about a number of thins, such as Joe Lieberman, and why another doctor hasn't had kids yet, and she's been married for 4 years...I guess to them it's the same as when I chat with my co-workers while I clean people's teeth, so it didn't really bother me to hear their political views.

I continue to puke through the entire surgery. Pretty much non-stop. They push about 5 different meds in my IV to get me to stop and nothing was working. The anesth. tells me a little nausea is normal, but in more words or less, says this is extreme. Awesomeness, again. I hear him saying "Give her some blahgitty-blah, that's not working....Okay, give her mish-moshshingtston, she's REALLY sick. We've GOTTA get this under control..." Cool, I'm gonna puke my insides out. I'm thinking what's it like to be my doctor, with my belly cut open and seeing my stomach contracting as I'm heaving & puking. I'm a nerd, so I think that's probably pretty cool to see. Oh yeah, and as soon as I started puking, I started crying. Duh. So one of the doctors asked why I was crying so much & I wanted to say "Because I 'vebeen trying to be perfect for 9 months, and I've only cried ONCE, so let me cry now IDIOT!" but it came out more like "I cry when I puke & I'm just emotional."

So I DO feel my doctor start tugging to get the baby out. The placenta had been in front my entire pregnancy, and was now positioned up top. So I think that's probably what made this a little more difficult, bc she took my first child out in about 10 seconds...this time, she's tugging and tugging, and I can one of my ribs coming out with it (not really, but either baby or placenta was stuck up there.) and my doctor is down there like "Sorry Sarah..." I'm good, thanks. So finally, baby comes out! I heard a little bit of crying but not too much. Hubs walks over to see her & watch the nurses clean her up. My doctor is aware I have a strict rule that I do not want to see my babies all bloody & covered in God knows what, because I think that's creepy, so neither of my children did I see until they were clean & wrapped in a little blanket, like a picture of perfection. So as they are working on her, hubs comes back over & says "How do we keep having red-haired kids? She's got reddish hair!" And I laughed. No, my kids are not orange hair & freckles, my son has a little tint of red, in his brown hair, and people always comment "Is his hair kinda RED?" Yes, it is. No, I don't know where he got it. The mailman I guess. Whatev.

So little Brynn's hair did look reddish the first day, the following day faded to a strawberry-blonde, and is now a light brown.

Well, my baby #1 is asking for lunch, so I'll to continue this, documenting recovery at a later time...Deuces.

You're welcome.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside...

Well here I am! Alive & well! Brynn Elena was born 12/31/09 at 10:26 am, weighing in at a petite 7lbs even, 20 in long! She is so beautiful! The delivery went great, my recovery is doing just as great, and our first night home wasn't too bad either. Minimal fussing, although, I did not sleep a wink until 7am. Mommies are like that; too many things running through my mind...

I've got a lot to do around here, so I apologize I probably won't be visiting too many blogs this week. I just wanted a quick post to tell everyone who cares enough to read my blog, that we are home & well.

I will take the time to say, that I feel so blessed!! I don't know whatever I ever did to deserve all of the wonderful things in my life, but I must've done something right...My husband has been beyond amazing, my son is adjusting extremely well into the big brother role, and my new little girl has me wrapped! I'll be honest, I really wasn't sure how I could love another child as much as my first, and I knew everyone always says that you will, but I remained pretty darn unsure. It truly is amazing how love grows! For her, for my son, and for my husband. 10 years ago, I remember writing a paper in high school asking where I'd be in 10 years. I believe it said working as a single, childless, fashion designer in LA. I never thought I'd be a married dental hygienist & mother of 2, still in Ohio. And there's nowhere else I'd rather be.