Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Insomnia is awesome.

So little baby Brynn is 13 days old. She really hasn't been doing too bad at night. What the problem is, is I have some weird urge to be super mom (i.e. making celebratory pink cookies that night after we came home from the hospital, for my 3 year old to take to his preschool the next day...) and I can't sleep. At 3am, when I've already been awoken 87 times, I can't sleep. Because I'm thinking about what laundry needs done, who needs a bath tomorrow night, what I'm making Austin for breakfast, and I wonder if 77 kids has any cool stuff on sale I could buy him...

Aggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! I'm so tired! But a mother's work is never done. The good part is, is I do get everything done in a timely fashion. And I totally knew another child would make my life busier and slightly less convenient. But I admit, I totally blew off a 4am feeding last night, bc she was falling asleep, I was falling asleep holding her, and instead of waking her like we're supposed to, I thought, you know what? She'll be fine. And I put her back down, and went back to sleep. For another hour. By that time, she had been awake most of the night, she was so not into sleeping last night. So really, mommy needed a break. And if she was going to be quiet, more power to us.

It also occured to me, that I should keep a tally of how many times I get up out of bed at night. I may just do that tonight. Because I'm positive it's about 87.


  1. i felt the same with my first - exhausted but two anxious to sleep - hope you get a chance for some rest