Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night has always been my fav....but now for different reasons...

When I was younger & cooler than I am now, Friday nights were the shizznit. I started making my Friday plans on like Wednesday. Yes, it took 2 days of planning to decide where I should get drunk & spend all my hard-earned tips from the evening of waitressing.

Now, I look forward to Friday night, bc it means that Hubs has got night shift with the baby. Might I add, the first weekend of his duties this time around, he failed miserably. On friday, I woke him up every time she cried for a bottle or diaper change. On saturday night, he at least woke up, it was just a matter of him getting out of bed in a timely fashion. Oh yeah- and he only actually got up twice, I believe. I jumped in after that and did 3 more rounds of feeding/diaper changing. So all he got was a pat on the back for keeping her alive, and I took the whole experience as a big eff you. I strongly considered revoking his parental privelages for fear of my child's well-being. But I gave him another shot.

The next weekend- MUCH BETTER. He got the most improved player award, fo sho. He even slept on the couch, and had her sleep out front in her bouncy seat (back off self-proclaimed co-sleeping experts. You all suck. And are highly annoying.) in order to help me get a full nights sleep.

So tonight, I look forward to a bed, occupied only by me. And SILENCE. And SLEEP. REAL SLEEP.


  1. this stuff scares me. For B and my child. One won't make it especially during breastfeeding times.

  2. my husband read a study that said men were more likely to be awakened by a FLY BUZZING or A DOG BARKING than their own child's cries - this is b/c they know we will get the baby. i'm convinced.

  3. I find co-sleeping advocates annoying too. Long term, it's the worst way to get sleep for EVERYONE. It's like handing a kid a candy bar to get him to stop screaming in the supermarket. Sure, he's quiet at that moment, but now he'll expect to get what he wants every time he screams.

    I hope you're getting more sleep!