Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bodily Secretions Rule My World.

So, aside from the usual pooping issues that Hubs experiences, and aside from my own hemorroidal issues (HAS to be hemorroids, HAS TO...pregnancy does amazing things, let me tell ya) and aside from the fact my infant daughter has an ass explosion every single time she poops...even if it's like a speck of poop, it sounds like a nuclear bomb went off in there...I thought the only one that didn't have poop related issues was Austin. I was wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

This poor kid (mind you, 3 1/2) had awfil diarrhea last night. Like I'm talking, he sat on the toilet for 45 mintues, whining that he wanted his daddy, sometimes crying too, and so much poop came out, it was PILED above the height of the bowl water. As well as splashed up on the sides of the bowl. I honestly don't know where he was storing all of this. But I saw that he did, in fact, eat his corn at lunch...

So we get through that, I give the him, a shower. After that, it was completely neccesary, and he later goes to bed. So at 3am, I hear crying, and I go in there assuming it's the baby. No. Iwalk in and he's standing there just inside the door crying. I ask him what's wrong, and he doesn't answer, his eyes are still closed, so I assume he's sleepwalking again. So I pick him up and take him to my bed. I lay him down, and start to get in bed too. My hand touches my pants, and they feel.....wet. So I'm like OMG did I pee my pants and not even realize it?? So I continue to feel around and my bed is dry. But I was SOAKED. So then I get smart, and I feel his pj's. Soaked. He peed on me. He peed on me, when I picked him up. So I change and go get him new clothes & come back. By now, Hubs is awake telling him it's ok. He eventually talks to me and tells me he was too scared of the dark to go to the bathroom. So he decided peeing on me was a better choice. Awesome.

Oh motherhood.

UPDATE: Bear with me. I'm attempting this adding pictures thing.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry that all had to happen so early in the morning and your poor little son was so scared to go to thr bathroom.
    That is motherhood . well said , Sarah xx

  2. oh man. ps that picture?! happy corn in a pile of shit? really???

  3. We just had all kinds of fun with poop and puke over at my house. Tummy bugs rule!!!