Sunday, November 14, 2010

My love for Whitecastle

All I have to say, is my kids just had their first Whitecastle sliders...


Mind you, they were the frozen microwavable kind (a burger in 60 seconds! AMAZING!) so they haven't even had the GOOD shit yet.

And for all of you out there, that think the WC is gross, eff off. That stuff is da bomb. Seriously. I grew up on that. And the closest one in about 2 hrs away, and I seriously considered moving over it after high school. My family used to make trips into Columbus every Sunday for WC. SO GOOD. Good enough for after church food.

I nearly cried last time I was in Columbus a few months ago for a bach. party, and stopped & got Burger King (ack!) with my last few dollars, only to look up and realize there was a Whitecastle across the street. It was the liveliest I was that entire night. I may or may not have gotten teary eyed. You decide.

If you live down south, Krystal is a close substitute, but still not the same. But I'll take it. (Come to think of it, down south is where all the good food is. Quincy's, anyone?? Holla.)

And if you haven't had it, we are no longer friends. Okay we are, but only if you try it & YOU LIKE IT. I'm so serious about this.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Life is good.

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted. I'm feeling very reflective today. I've been reading a blog, that I absolutely love. Go to if you haven't already, and read Nella's story. And then keep reading. Kelle is a mother of 2 girls (and 2 bonus sons as well) that learned upon her youngest daughters arrival, that she had down's syndrome. It is an excrutiatingly heartfelt, painful, loving, amazing, and beautifully written birth story. It was also featured in Parent's magazine, I believe it was, just a few months ago. Many have read Nella's Story, but I encourage you to read & follow this amazing blog. She truly, truly has a way with words, and writing her feelings in a way, I only wish I could. She is awesome!

One of Kelle's posts, was about the grays of her day and the color of her day. The gray being something not so uplifting, and the color being some happiness.

So here's the grays of my day today:

My husbands grandmother is very ill, and in the hospital. Please pray for her, we love her dearly. And it occured to me last night, that we have not taken a pic of her yet with little miss Brynn. And this rips my heart out that we don't have these pictures. I pray for her, and for Brynn, that she gets well, and I swear we will take a lot of pictures!

Another shade of gray: just life in general beating us up. There's never enough money. There's always something that comes up when we get any. My hubs has been gone a lot lately, working all day, class 2 nights a week, on the off days, he's either been putting a new motor in his truck that was on it's last leg, or helping his cousin with gutting their new house, which hubs is doing the electrical work.

The colors of my day: We are all healthy. We have a warm home, we have food in the fridge. We had some family fun at the pumpkin patch last weekend. The baby is taking nap #3 already today, I'm glad for the break, and bc she is getting over this cold. My son is playing happily today, and even VOLUNTEERED to vacuum the living room. And did a pretty good job at it. I'm glad I have a good man in my life, that manages to make things work out for us. Yeah times are tough. But really, how tough are they in comparison? I'm sitting here in a cushy chair, on my laptop, my son is wearing head to toe gap athletic clothes, watching tv on a plasma hanging on the wall, and I have to go do laundry that has piled up bc we have enough to allow it to pile up. Life is good.

This is a pic from late august/early sept...but I love his smile here...(and I gotta figure out how to download pics onto this laptop...maybe I'll do that tonight!)