Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaacccckkkkkkk

Hello my little monsters! Yes, I AM actually Lady Gaga. No, not really, but I do enjoy a good meat dress when appropriate.

There I go getting off track already.

So my computer literally melted last week. Don't ask. So Hubs debated the options for a few days and finally decided to buy a laptop, which I am on now. Hopefully he fixes the desktop soon as well. I kinda miss my giant way too expensive super duper computer screen. It's pretty awesome as far as computer monitors go. And I was pissed when he bought it. Ha.

Huh well this would be maybe a bit more interesting but there is a baby staring at me whining, like she wants food or something. Peace out dolls.

(Dolls. What was Kourteney thinking wanting another baby with Scott????)

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