Tuesday, September 21, 2010

rah rah oo la la la rah ma rum mama gaga oo la la.....BAD ROMANCE

I just like that song. Still.


Another of my fav bloggers- a blogging DUO actually called out my next post idea in the comments of my last fab hair post. Thank you, Two-Non Blondes. Unicorns & sparkles to you. And skulls. What? Ok.

In my last post, I briefly discussed the kissy face. This is also known as the duck face. And there is a wholllllle website devoted to it, and it's NOT FACEBOOK. I know. It is this masterpiece: antiduckface.com

Read the comments. Add you own. Live it, love it, REMEMBER IT.


I have compiled a list of requirements on kissy/duck face pics, based on what I've seen here, and splashed all over facebook.

1. Obviously, the kissy/ duck lips. Duh.

2. Cleavage.

3. Throwing the deuces. "Peace sign" for you old, un-hip folks.

4. Camera angled from above your face, at arm's distance, bc you know you look too stupid to actually do this in front of someone while they take your picture.

5. Background must be either home bathroom, bar bathroom, or teenage bedroom. Sometimes, the setting will also be a sports game/party.

6. There will be beer.

7. Girl's arm must be around a guy if another person is in the picture. Usually he's black.

8. If not a guy, another chick, also making a duck face & throwing deuces.

9. A tan.

10. Heavy eyeliner.

6 out of 10 requirements must be met to achieve. Just kidding, just put that stupid so not sexy pout on your face!!!

And here's a couple of pics of MY duck face...WAIT, WAIT!! I THOUGHT I HAD SOME AND I DO NOT HAVE ANY!!! I SWEAR I THOUGHT I DID! So here's the closest you get:


  1. Page 4, 1st photo makes the Jersey Shore Bunch look vampire pale.
    Also, no idea about the commenting through email. Will look into though.