Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Happiness Project

Well, I agreed to make a happy post(sorry this a day late), an idea by Leigh vs. Laundry, so here's a few things that make my heart smile:Remembering my son as a little baby! Cutest thing ever! This was him tearing the tissue paper off the table at a doctor's check up! 11/22/06

Taking him for his first bike ride on the back of Daddy's bike! 3/24/07
The day I sent him to daycare with the worst bedhead ever, bc it was SO CUTE to have a trifeca of mohawks!! 6/15/07Now I watch him become a really great big brother! As evidenced by the FIRST smile Brynn gave, only to him, caught in this picture!
And now I can't wait to see what this little one does to make me smile everyday! Loving her bathtime is one of them!


  1. LOVE that mohawk pic. Happy posts are important.

  2. Oh...I LOVE this.

    You should grab my button, link up to Mr. Linky, and get official with us next Tuesday. I know that everyone would love to see what makes you happy!

  3. I love your happy post. OMG!!! he is a cutie!Love him!
    Lovely photos!