Saturday, April 10, 2010

5 hours of LOVE.

Well, I really wanted to better document this weekend's birthday events, beginning to end. my son is turning 4 tomorrow; today was his party. I really wanted to take lots of pictures of me baking, decorating, celebrating....all of that.
I did not have time for this.
Hubs said he'd have all the tables & chairs set up Friday night, so we could decorate & everything would be ready to go, all we'd have to do in the morning was food. This is not what actually occurred.
The party was at noon; he went to go get the tables & chairs around 10:30. Yeah.
But all in all, the party went great, despite a little bickering due to some planning misunderstandings between us. *sidenote: I am the type of person, that I like to do EVERYTHING by myself, so it's done the way I want it, when I want it. I decided to loosen up and let Hubs have a say in some things. Bad idea. Never again. I must be in control.* Oh and the 5 hours of love?? The tractor cake I made by myself. Yep. Feel free to give compliments. I'll take 'em. I finished the cake at 1am and stayed up another hour cleaning up the mess!

And I did catch a few pictures along the way:
I also wanted to share a couple Easter pics of the kids:Austin showing off his new "sleeve". lol

Brynn looks so happy! lol

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Oh and hopefully, I will stay up on blogging, I was offered some more hours at work this week (I asked for them a few weeks ago) so I have to go to work 5 days a week now. I KNOW. TELL ME ABOUT IT. It's been awhile. But the 2 days I picked up are only half days, so I think my new schedule will actually be very accommodating to my busy mommy life!

Oh and also, please keep my little Brynn in your prayers, we will be seeing a GI doctor from the Children's Hospital soon. Her reflux is not improving with medications or formula changes, so they'll be doing a scan to check for any structural issues. I will def. keep everyone updated on her status!!


  1. Love his "sleeve." ha ha ha. Best of luck with Brynn. She looks so sweet!

  2. That cake is awesome! Nice work!

  3. LOVE the tractor cake! Your little boy is adorable. He even made a "yeah I'm a bad ass" face in the pic where he is rocking the sleeve. Awesomeness.

    Hope Brynn feels better soon!

  4. HI Sarah, I came over from MODG's blog. Loved your response. The tractor cake was great! Looking forward to keeping up with your blog.

  5. Oh, hi! Came over from comments over at Leigh's. You were so funny, I can't believe your neighbor made you wear a diaper.

    I think now that would be grounds for arrest, or at least surveillance.


  6. Austin looks like he had a really great party. I love his "tats". lol

    Byrann is so adorable I wanna eat her up!!! Too cute.

    The cake looks great too btw.

  7. OMG!! OMG!! Brynn is just a stickin' cutie!
    Austin is also so cute!
    And that cake looks delish!
    Have a great weekend , Sarah RD!
    Big Hugs!
    Betty xx

  8. The cake was amazing! Poor little Brynn, that picture is adorable. She looks thrilled to be modeling for you!