Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sorry, it's been a little while since I've posted anything. Big things are happening here!

Okay well not THAT big, but I picked up some extra hours at work, so I'm actually working 5 days a week now. I KNOW. But the 2 days I picked up, I only work half days, in the afternoon, so it's not too bad. I still get to sleep in a little. But my mornings are a little busier; I can't just play in blog-land all day, I have to like, shower & get kids dressed & fed & all of that momly stuff.

Another update- I am NOT purchasing from shoedazzle this month. I think I made Kim mad. I requested 5 more selections, bc my first 5 were ugly, and I asked for flats-mid heel. Then in the comments I wrote "PLEASE STOP SENDING ME HOOKER HEELS. I HAVE 2 CHILDREN. AND YES I'M TYPING THIS IN CAPS BC I AM YELLING IT AT YOU." And what does she do? Sends me all 3+" heels, that is even more hideous than the first set. So apparently they were thinking they should really stick it to me....Fine. You win this month Kim. Actually you lose, bc you didn't rip me off another $40 this month...

Agh and who's been watching Dancing with the Stars? We all know that I <3 Kate, awful dancing & all. But she finally got voted off last night. For anyone who is also a fan, she will be on a new TLC show, "Twist of Kate" and will also be doing some "Kate + 8" specials this summer.

That's all I've got time for today folks! See ya!!


  1. Hope you get a good rest during the weekend!
    I love Dancing with the Stars, thanks for mentioning.
    Wishing you a great day, dear friend!
    Betty xx

  2. Oh Kim. I think you need to give your "personal shoppers" a lesson in how to choose appropriately for your clients!

  3. I am really excited for Twist of kate!

  4. Have been debating Shoe Dazzle but think I may have enough hooker heels for now. But, really ... can one really ever have too many? A deep question, for sure.