Thursday, July 8, 2010

Being laid off really puts a damper on buying stuff.

So I am really unsure of how "temporary" my temporary lay off will be. I really haven't had any contact from the office to know what the heck is going on, but other girls are feeling pretty shaky as well, judging from their facebook status'. I didn't bother trying to get unemployment, bc with me having another part-time job, it just seemed like more trouble than it would be worth for only 3 weeks. But if I find out that I will not being going back to work next week, then I will be calling the unemployment office. Maybe I should just do's not like I have anything else to do...ha!I still would like an amazing new camera, however that is dependent on my employment status. Boooooooooooooooo.I ordered Brynn the cutest high chair ever, it's a space-saver high chair from Target, here's what it looks like:The space savers are nice, bc they'll strap right to your regular dining room chair. I have a full size high chair from when Austin was a baby, but the pad was ruined in damp basement, and I couldn't get a replacement bc they don't make it anymore. Which was fine, bc it would take up too much space anyway. But Brynn's been eating solids for almost 2 weeks now, I've been feeding her in her bouncy seat, and she's flinging food all over it! So this purchase couldn't wait anymore, and Hubs will just have to understand. Not getting paid has made things pretty tight.I will take this time to show you some other things I either have, or want, from Target. I am OBSESSED with the Dwell Studio line!! First up, what I HAVE: my kids matching bedding. I searched EVERYWHERE known to man to find something gender neutral & fun for my boy-girl shared room and this is what they have:The tricky part was finding something sold in both a crib set, AND a toddler bed set. I also ordered 1 single window panel. I didn't want full length curtains bc I thought it would be too much of the same pattern, so I had my mother-in-law cut it and sew it into 2 valances, 1 for each window in their room. Painted the walls yellow, a friend had their names made to hang on the wall in different, but coordinating patterns & colors, and there it is. Bam!

Now, our lovely home is for sale, and when I move, this is what I'd like in my new bathroom:
Can't you just see it with purple walls? I've always wanted purple in my bathroom, but have never actually done. Or if you're really daring, black. Even green or yellow for more color.

And this is what I'd like for my new bedroom:

Love love love. I'd do gray walls, black bed & furniture...Fab. Love it.

I'm really finding new inspiration lately. With my house, clothes, everything. Now I just need a job to fund all of this....


  1. Hang in there! I am sure everything will work out and you will get to all your decorating projects! They all sound fabulous and both those beddings are so so cute! Great finds!

  2. Fingers crossed you'll hear good news soon! I am so obsessed with grey. Just painted our guest bath a soft grey. Looooooove that bedding!

  3. Love, love those beddings and that purple colour looks nice!!
    I hope everything works out for you perfectly!
    Have a great day, Sarah.
    Big hugs!
    B xx