Friday, June 3, 2011

It's been awhile...

...for a lot of things (get ya mind out the gutter). I mean things like BLOGGING and EXERCISING. They go hand in hand, ya know...

Anywho- I haven't blogged in forever. I just kinda hit a writers block and there's other blogs I read daily, and between that and all the time I need for facebook, I just haven't had time. (FB is practically a full time job.)

This post is the beginning of a new MNAN series called (....drumroll...........) GET SARAH SKINNY.

Recently, I was introduced to Beachbody, the people who bring you fitness buffs programs like P90X and Turbo Jam! My hubs' cousin is a coach for beachbody and held an open house a couple weeks ago, so I went. Her & her hubs have had great results with their workout programs...and let's just talk about the elephant in the room- I look like I'm 4 months along. Which is a problem because I'm ZERO months along.

So I decided to do the Slim in 6 program. I can't commit to more than 6 weeks, otherwise I'll never see the light. I am starting it Monday. In preparation for this, I am doing a 2 day fast this weekend (GOD HELP ME) and will follow their suggested 6 day diet for the first week on Slim.

I am really excited to start, even though exercise, just the mere thought of it, makes me want to vom. I hate being short of breath, I hate sweating, I hate feeling uncomfortable. But ya know what else makes me uncomfortable?? Having a baby belly with NO BABY. That makes me feel WAY more uncomfortable. It makes me want to go all people-of-walmart on you and start wearing pajama' all over town. Instead, I just keep my scrubs on after work. Way classier. Right??

So wish me luck. I'd post before-during-after pics but well, this is the internet, and a blog, which can't be THAT secure, and I don't want my nastyness hanging up on some guy's interior prison cell wall. Not that I'd ever know if it was?! But it's the principal, and we know how I always fight for the principal even when it blows up in my face....I digress.

Just take my word on my progress. Peace out.

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  1. I really need a diet. I have heard good things about P90X. Good luck!