Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a week...

Well loyal followers, I have much sad news to report.

I have blogged before about my somewhat turbulent relationship with my kitty, KitKat. Things had been pretty good with KitKat lately, he's been playing outside a lot, we've been giving him more attention...he's just been a happy cat lately. Unfortunately, KitKat was hit by a car Tuesday, in front of our house. I was not home, with friends planning a bridal shower, but my hubs heard a loud thunk, he thought it was thunder & looked outside. I'll spare you the details, but KitKat is no longer with us, and it makes me sad to say that he suffered; he did not die right away, and I so wish he would have. It's so weird not having him here. We told our son, and he took it well, just asked a lot of questions, and is occasionally saying that he misses him & he dreamed about him last night. I was downstairs doing laundry yesterday, and I turned around to go fill up his food bowl. And it was still full. I think I see him out of the corner of my eye sometimes. I open the back door, and expect him to run will take some getting used to. Someday maybe we will get a new cat, but I worry that I'd never find one that put up with my kids! Austin would hit, kick, pull, punch, and KitKat would just sit there & take it. I can't believe he never bit him or anything, bc he probably should have. lol So RIP KitKat, we will miss you & never forget you!
The next morning, Brynn woke up at 5am and screamed her face off until 7:30. I was so tired, and upset that I've done everything I can for her, and still here we are...I cried with her for awhile.
And then shortly after she settled down, my boss called and my hours at 1 job were drastically reduced (initially it was "laid off" but I think I can get 1 day a week in) for the next 3 weeks or so, while we wait on another doctor to join our practice. I am not the only one this happened to, and honestly, from what I've heard I got a pretty good deal, bc at least I know I will get my hours back soon. I freaked out at first, and cried some more, but I actually thought about it, and I really don't have a reason to worry. I'll be saving a ton on daycare, which will help get us through. So I'm okay with that.

When it rains, it pours, I guess. Or around here, it makes tornados. lol We've had like 3 or 4 tornados these past few weeks. Crazy. Enjoy your weekends everyone! Gotta go!


  1. That's so sad! I'm super sorry about KitKat and your job. I know it is hard to lose a pet but I think all of our pets will see us on the flip side. Hope next week is better for you guys!

  2. Ooh, Sarah, I'm really sad for your loss.
    So hard to lose a pet, I've lost my dog, Tara and I really how it feels.
    Hope you feel better really soon!
    ~B xx

  3. You are really having a shitty time right now. :( So sorry about KitKat. I know how much I despise my cats and adore them, too. I will be upset but my kids will be devastated...

  4. Oh my goodness I am SO sorry to hear about your cat. That is really sad. I adore cats and used to have three so I know how it feels to lose a 'family member'.