Friday, December 3, 2010

No matter your age or marital status, no one wants to be seen buying a pregnancy test.

So my husband told me months ago, that pills are NOT the best form of birth control for me, bc I can't remember SHIT. I can't. But I really wanted to try. Bc I had previously used the ring, which hurt my vag pretty bad, not gonna lie, and the stupid shot made me gain a good 15 lbs. Not fair. To hurt my vag therefore ruin the "sex life", or be fat, or hope to remember pills??? I'm gonna pick hope to remember pills.

Well I did NOT remember a couple of those pills, hence going to buy a pregnancy test. I held it in my left hand so people would see my diamond as I clutched that box, and of course I stopped along the way for decoy items. Kids toothpaste & CARS body wash. I'm such a mom. And OF COURSE, I've NEVER seen a line at the self scan until I need to DISCREETLY BUY A  PREGNANCY TEST. It;s not so discreet when I'm standing in line in the middle of the people packed isle.

FYI-Test #1 was neg. Test #2 comes in the morning.

UPDATE: Saving test #2 for next month. Started. lol At exactly 4:30 am. How do I know this? Let me tell you the timeline of my night: 9:45pm- go to bed. 11:00-baby wakes up crying, hubs brings her into our bed bc it's one of THOSE nights. 12:00am-wake up & vomit bc of nasty pizza for dinner. yay. 12:30-more baby crying. 4:00-son comes into our room crying bc he wants his blanket, that we could not find anywhere before bed. 4:30-baby crys some more. 4:31-monthly visitor arrives. slight feeling of sadness. 4:34-hubs gives baby a bottle & had a great idea to chekc under ottoman for said blanket. Blanket is found. 4:45- son starts puking due to nasty pizza as well. 5:30-son still puking. 6:30- still puking. 6:45- get up to work my first saturday on a new schedule. 7:15-leave for work. come home at 12:15, let myself off early bc we had a familt thanksgiving at 1:30. son is still puking. ;( and mommy is EXHAUSTEEDDDDDDDDDD.


  1. Last time I went to buy a pregnancy test, a coworker came up in line behind me. *die*

    Good luck on the tests! :-)

  2. haha. Whenever I have to buy tampons, I try to buy them when I do groceries because of all the decoy items, but if I forget and have to go to the drug store, I will first check to see if the cashier is a boy or a girl, and if it is a boy, I end up feverishly searching the aisles for other crap I might need to disguise the fact that I am obviously in need of tampons. It's really sad. I'm the woman who would never ever make her husband buy tampons for her because I can barely stand to do it myself and that's a fact.

  3. Buying pregnancy tests is the worst!

    Try setting an alarm on your phone at a time when you are not particularly busy. Mine is set for 8 p.m. and that is when I take my birth control every night.

  4. Oh my gosh, now I feel like I need a nap!! ;-)

    Hopefully tonight is better for yoU!!