Saturday, October 3, 2009

An Ode to Saturday Mornings

Okay, so I'm not really gonna write an ode. But it is 9:15 and let me tell you how my day is going so far.

My 3 year old finally accomplished the potty training feat this summer. However, we still have nighttime accidents an average of twice a week. I'm okay with this. I expect it. The issue comes when it is Saturday or Sunday morning and my angelic child waked up before mommy & daddy and for whatever reason, REFUSES to leave his room until we get up & let him out. This is where the majority of the accidents come from.

So this morning, I hear him shouting "ACORN! ACORN!" which is funny because he not only does not have a real acorn, he doesn't have toy that resembles an acorn.

I digress.

I hear the shouting, decide I better get up. I go potty myself, hack up the lower lobe of my right lung (it's true, I saw it. I'm still fighting this cold.) and make my way into my offspring's room. And the first thing he says is

"Mommy, I didn't pee in my pants! I went to the potty!"

Me: "You DID?!? I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!"

And then come the hugs & kisses & all that. So we go into the kitchen, so he can pick what he wants for breakfast and he drops the bomb:

"Actually, I didn't go in the potty." (I love his use of the word "actually")

"You didn't?"

"No. I peed on the floor."

"Austin, did you pull your pants down and pee on the floor?"

Head shake and smile, yes.

"Why did you do that?"

"Because I wanted to."

"Dogs pee on the floor Austin, and they get in trouble for it. Don't do that again. Your carpet is gonna smell like pee. That's gross."

He laughs.

So that's how my day has gotten started. Oh- and I walked in the pee spot too. He wasn't lying. And now, I'll be attempting to take my child to a public place- a craft show, where they always cheap mums and pumpkins that I MUST have. My husband thinks I'm brave for taking him, I think I'm brave too. lol


  1. Oh ,that's so hilarious. I'm still laughing.I enjoyed your story. I wish I had a 3 year old little one!
    I'm your new follower:)
    Hope you get a chance to visit me!!!
    Have a great time!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my bloghouse.

    ODOBAN for the pee spot. Just saying, it works

  3. odoban huh? thanks, his room reeks. ill try it.

  4. a little pee on the carpet never hurt anyone, except the dust mites living underneath that particular section of the carpet