Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kate + 8, My New Wig & Football Weekend

I've been home for about 15 min and already soooo much to talk about!!

First and foremost, TLC announced "Jon & Kate + 8" will be renamed "Kate + 8" to reflect Kate's transition as a single mom of 8. Jon will still appear, but not so much.


But WAIT- Jon apparently has halted the divorce proceedings for 90 days in order for the family to work together more cooperatively through this transition AND admitted his less than stellar behavior since the separation, saying he got involved with other women too soon. Change of heart? Is this the end of his douche-baggery??? Doubtful. But acknowledgement is the first step. Sp please, Jon, we beg of you, please REALLY mean what you say and move forward in a more positive way for your children. They'll thank you later.

So, some of you may already know I ordered my Kate Gosselin halloween wig, for the SOLE PURPOSE of telling my husband I had a hair appt on my day off, so when he came home, I'd wear the wig and he'd FLIP out. Well, it came today. And the ONE DAY I worked late, he beat me home, saw the package, opened it and ruined my trick. So now I MUST wear it for halloween. I can't let my 12.99 go to waste. I will say, the quality of it sucks anyway, and I'm going to have to style it better...

And my trip to Ann Arbor was not so bad. Mich. won- barely. But whatever, we'll take it. The guy in front of us had his 6 year old with him and yelled at my brother-in-law for a little bit o' profanity. But hey- it's college football. You can't possibly bring your children and not expect it, so remember the earmuffs, folks. lol


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  2. that's why jon was such an idiot because he KNEW no one gives two craps about him HA

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  3. i didn't even know i had word verification. lol but yes, i will. sorry, i hate it too.

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