Monday, September 14, 2009

Kate on The View...Kanye makes an ass of himself...What a day...

So, I just watched todays' episode of The View, and Kate Gosselin looked AMAZING! She looked like she belonged there, and she has said in the past she'd like a talk show...future co-hosting gig?? Who knows, but she did good too. She gave up about as much personal info as I thought...about nothing! She says she will continue to take the high road...which is the best road to take Kate...someone's got to in this mess. But I LOVED when Sherry asked "What do you think about him bringing THAT GIRL around your kids???"

Onto Jackass-of-theYear, Kanye West. Agh what a douche. For anyone who hasn't heard, Taylor Swift beat Beyonce for video of the year at the VMA'S last night, and before Taylor could barely sueak out "This is amazing!", things quickly became un-amazing when Kanye jumped on stage and said he was happy for Taylor, but Beyonce made one of the best videos of all time, or some dumb shit. The camera went to Beyonce who totally had a look on her face which looked like she was thinking "I don't want this jack ass defending me...WTF??" BUT Beyonce, won later for something else (I don't even know, I didn't watch it, haven't since about 11th grade, but I saw the clip and heard the audio on the radio this morning) and told everyone she remembers what it was like being 17 and up for her first VMA award, and asked Taylor to come up and have her moment. How sweet. Kudos to Beyonce and Taylor, shame on you Kanye...good music (to some) will only get you so far. And for the record, I don't think Kanye is a musical genius like everyone else seems to think.

Oh update: apparently Kanye blogged he was sorry so it's all good then. Whatev.

Other than that, not too much else to comment on. There's the hermaphadite runner- poor girl. What a way to find that out. Apparently she is, or was, on suicide watch, so pray for that girl. How awful for something so personal to be told world wide before you even have time to digest the news. And a missing girl from Yale, her body was possibly found in a wall in a lab at Yale. How awful, pray for her family, and justice for their daughter/sister/friend.

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