Friday, September 18, 2009

Jon's an A-Hole, Kate did G8, and I think the demons have left my childs body...whew!

Okay, I just commented on all of this on another blog but here we go: short and sweet: maybe...

1. Jon dramatically had the dogs carted off in front of the kids. Unfit to be a parent based on this event alone? No. Nominee for Father-of-the Year? No. But sleeping with the babysitter might get him thismuch closer to the title. Oh, it won't. But keep trying Jon, the world is watching-and sadly loving- you making an arse out of your self at LEAST weekly. I'm sure Cara & Mady's little friends at school have seen the supermarket tabloids. Way to go Jerkoff.

2. Kate did awesome on the View. Whoopi acted like an idiot, constantly repeating the same stupid question over and over. Kate admitted she was wrong in going over there, did Whoopi NOT hear that? Get on with it. Geez.

3. My son has been a sweet little thing all day. However, we have yet to go uptown to the Canal Days Festival to pick up dinners, which is a mini-fair on Main Street here in America's Friendliest City, for those who do not know (and is the highlight if every Delphos resident each year). Mind you, there are rides, and games, and other things for me to waste valuable money on, so *here's to it being a positive experience for everyone involved*!!!

4. Oh- but my son did learn how to gag himself today and tried to make himself vomit at the sitter's when he didn't want to eat lunch. :) Just lovely.


  1. So I see you believe everything bad you hear about Jon. This is a blog not worth following, to me. I used to love Babymama's blog but it turned into a Jon bashing lovefest for Kate.
    Seems no one has a blog that looks at things from a non-biased view.
    Schmeckygirl, won't you start a blog that looks at things objectively? I know you'll read this, you find everything!

  2. When did I say it wasn't biased? I never said it was or wasn't. I do look at it objective. But thank you, for the opinion!

    For the record, I don't want to bash Jon. I really don't. I think it's incredibly sad, and I do hope & pray that SOMEDAY he wakes up to smell the roses, but a LOT of damage has been done. He doesn't DENY a LOT of what's been said. He admits, to the partying, drinking, blah blah blah. He HASN'T admitted to all these women (except Hailey of course, love of his life), which he doesn't have to if he doesn't want to. But it doesn't take a P.H.D. to figure it all out.