Monday, September 21, 2009

The Emmys...Kate's new show...and Khloe getting married??

The Emmys...didn't watch. Nothin to say. But I have to mention it. lol I'm not big on award shows anymore, but I like to see what everyone wore splashed all over E! in the days following. Kristin Chenoworth looked great in silver sparkly number (note to self: join gym after baby is born...), Olivia Wilde was phenominol...and I can't remember what else I liked. :)

So the latest according to MSN, is Kate Gosselin MAY be a part of Paula Deen's show after all- but looks like we'll be waiting until Fall 2010. Sweet, because honestly, I don't think J&K+8 will go on past that. I love it, and I wish it would, but I don't see it. Anyway, tonights new episode was "Farm to Table" where they visited an organic farm, played family games. A good-old fashioned episode, which ended when Kate's custody ended. BUT- it did give me a chance to explain to my son that not all mommies & daddies live together, and all that garbage that you really don't want to talk to your kids about. Man, it's not even my life, so I can imagine how Kate felt REALLY explaining that to them. Well, no I can't actually. No one can unless they've done it.

So more drama in another of my fav. tv families...Khloe Kardashian getting married? Say WHAAA? lol IF this is true, I wish her and her new hubby the best and (white-elephant-in-the- room) hope it works out to a long and happy life together!

Due to my first comment posted (what a milestone), I DO feel the need to say, that this is not SOLELY a J&K's a mommy blog. Specifically, THIS mommy's blog. So THIS mommy says & feels what she wants, about whatever she wants. I have NOT staked this out with some neon sign that says "HATE ON JON G HERE --->", but I do feel he does this on his own. I do try to remain logical (as noted, I did NOT side with those saying Jon was an unfit father for taking the dogs away in front of the kids...ahem, just that he was an ass for it). Anyway, my purpose is not to attract anyone to BASH, my purpose is to LAUGH, and roll my eyes, and allow me to get my thoughts out on whatever, if for only 5 min. a day, because SOMETIMES that's all a mommy needs!

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  1. WHAT? JON TOOK THE DOGS AWAY? he is an ass but you might already know that from reading my post.

    khloe k is getting married after a month of dating this lakers player - hmmmm

    and i too love to watch E! fashion police shows too! thanks for following and back at ya!