Sunday, September 13, 2009

Start the Jon & Kate discussion here!!

I am an dedicated Jon & Kate watcher, and a fan of Kate's...I DO think Jon has lost his damn mind, and I also think Kate had every reason to be demanding with Jon during their marriage- as evidenced by his recent behaviors.

The latest: Radar Online's pictures of Jon & Hailey kissing, and Jon told Kate he was bringing Hailey home to meet the kids, and Kate cried. I find it hysterical that at the end of last season, Jon did not want to be in the spotlight anymore, didn't want cameras around, just wanted a normal life...but how many times has he stood at his fence since then and talked to & made videos for the paparazzi?? And the kissing pictures- look totally staged, like they did it for the paparazzi. How disgusting. And his hissy fit he threw on his interview last week for abc? Agh. Lovely, Jon, just lovely. A divorce is hard enough on kids, let's make sure they know you despise their mother. Nothing like salt in a wound...

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