Sunday, September 13, 2009

I finally did it!!

Well folks and fans, here it is: the long awaited BLOG. Many of you liked to read my ranting myspace blogs of a few years ago, that I've since deleted...ahem...and others have asked me to blog about anything from celebrity gossip, to waitressing for 5 years and the effect it has on my, um, social skills...whatever. It's probably going to be a compilation of many things that strike my interest...being a mom and the things that happen to me because of it (lol), celebrity gossip, my job cleaning teeth, and a few other hot topics right now: Jon & Kate + 8 and maybe even college football...

So feel free to comment, in fact, I insist on it, but please be respectful of others opinions. That's all I ask. I'll try to post one topic at a time, instead of one long post, for everyone to comment let the blogging begin... :)

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