Friday, September 25, 2009

Michigan Homecoming

Tomorrow, I am going to the UM homecoming game with the hubby, brother-in-law and others. I am posting this today, just to let everyone know how much I look forward to sleeping in on saturdays.

My BIL is insisting on being one of the first people to park on the golf course and tailgate. The game starts at noon.

We are leaving at 5am.

Last year when we went to a noon game, we left at 8am.

And still parked on the golf course.

And still tailgated.

So why this is necessary to leave at 5am; I am unsure.

I was told to "Take it or leave it."

So I will let everyone know how this goes. All I can say is, it better be a good game against Indiana. Go blue!!!!



    secondly - i believe you have won the award for LONGEST COMMENT EVER and i freaking LOVE IT!

    thanks for being an AWESOME follower!

  2. agh I know, I talk way too damn much sometimes. lol