Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jordan won Big Brother, Biggest Loser starts, and this mom is losing her mind!!

Sorry it's been a couple days...not a whole lot to comment on. I was really happy Jordan won Big Brother, and not that little snake Natalie. Agh. Natalie was so annoying and stupid, she looked into the air at literally nothing every.time.she.talked. Just the sound of her voice annoyed me. She makes my skin crawl.

The Biggest Loser also started this week, another of my fav's. There's a lady whose husband, and 2 kids were killed in a car accident...horrible story. So I am pulling for her, and I'm sure most of America is.

And I am losing my mind because something horrific has inhabited my dear sweet son's body and taken control. And he's so sneaky about it, because when others are around i.e. my husband, he's just a happy little boy, no problems, no worries. As soon as we are alone, the monster comes out and immediately does something he knows he shouldn't, I tell him no or deal with whatever it is, and he begins ABUSING his poor, baby carrying, mother...and by abuse I mean, furiously slapping me in the face, and once even threw a hotwheels car in my face (apparently, the worst 98 cents I ever spent) and then telling me I am various things such as a poop-head, baby or stupid-head. I beg to differ. I have not had poop on my head since he was about 2 months old and had explosive diarrhea (true story), I'm obviously NOT a baby, I only MAKE them, and I cannot be a stupid-head, because stupid-heads do not graduate college.

Basically, all the precautions I have taken to NOT ruin my child's life thus far, have blown up in my face. I decided he needed a sibling, he seemingly does not, and I am questioning this decision myself at this point; I decided it would better for our family to take him from his daycare, to a babysitter, which he has been good for the sitter, he's told me he doesn't want new friends, he wants his old friends. He also does not understand that if he wants Christmas presents, he will go to the sitter, rather than daycare, lol. What have I done that is SO BAD??

I will keep you informed on how the exorcism goes. Because I'm pretty that's what needs done.

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