Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just call me Ape...

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am outnumbered in my household. By my husband, my son, and even my cat. (Still don't know what baby #2 is...whether I'll have another player on my team or if I should forfeit the game...) and I say ALL. THE. TIME. that I totally picture myself as Ape; Bam Margera's mom. Ok, so maybe not that bad (Oh sweet Jesus, I pray not that bad...) But one day, I can guarantee, I'll be hiding in a corner while my son(s) and possibly even my husband attack me with pillows- and I am very sensitive about anyone touching my head, except for getting my hair done. Other than that, the head is off limits. But that's besides the point.

As a mom, I try really hard to allow my 3 year old to just be a 3 year old. I'm really relaxed about certain things. If no one's getting hurt, I pretty much won't have a problem with it. But sometimes this makes me look-and feel- pretty pitiful.

Case & point: I had a dr's appt this week, and had no other option but to bring my son, which I've never taken him there with me. It's just easier to go by myself. Anyway, I didn't have a sitter so I figured one time won't kill me, I'll just take him. He actually did well, but we had one minor mishap. So we're sitting there waiting for the Dr to come in and he says "Mama I have to go potty..." so we walk out the door, I stop at the nurses station to let them know where I'll be, in case the Dr came in, and take him into the bathroom. Now, my dear sweet little boy just got potty trained this summer and is just now getting into the standing up when he pees thing. Well, their toilet is about 2 inches higher than ours at home, and it had an elongated bowl which he refused to sit on. So he stands there, and the poor kid had no chance of making it into the bowl, since it was so tall, he proceeds to pee- straight into the corner of the room. In my horror, I yell "Point it down! Point it down!" and he says "What? I can't!" and swings it to the left, and pees across the toilet seat & lid and nails the other wall. At this point, there are puddles of pee on the floor and someone begins to knock. I don't even knwo what i said, just something to indicate that someone was in there, and he finishes peeing on the floor. Not a drop made in into the toilet.

So like I said, I'm pretty laid back, and I'm laughing as I grabbing fistfulls of papertowels to soak up the puddles and wipe the walls as fast as possible. I finish my "cleaning", get us both washed up and open the door to go out. Now there are 3 people in line.

I stop at the nurses station again where our nurse was standing, my Dr was sitting, and a few others. And this is what I said "Ummm this is really embarassing, but he just peed all over bathroom walls & floor, and I cleaned up what I could, but it's gonna need mopped and some disinfectant...and it smells." My Dr was the first one to crack up laughing (thats why I love her) and everyone else did too. And of course they were nice and said they'd take care of it. In the meantime, the next person in line had gone in, and I felt sorry for her, because it really did smell.

So, my funny thing today: I asked Austin what he wanted for lunch, and he says "Spagetti-Os but not hot ones, only cold ones." and I said "You want cold spagetti-o's?" and he nodded. And I looked at him like he had just asked if he could eat his own poop and I said "That's DISGUSTING." And then laughed at myself, for being so horrified at the thought of cold spagetti-o's, when clearly, there are worse things in the world. And that's when I decided to blog... :)

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