Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all....and good luck paying your bills!

Ahhhh Christmas the house cleaned (Santa doesn't come to dirty houses), got Santa's cookies made (hope he likes Pillsbury...yep, yep he does...) and made the annual Christmas Eve run to Toys R Us for the last minute gifts. This year: an easel pad for the art easel he's getting, dry erase markers, for said easel, they were out of chalk for the chalkboard side, but I made up for it with a Toy Story popcorn tin, that will eventually hold toys. And also a small gift for each of 2 family Christmas' in which Santa visits and brings the kids toys. A small Trio set that builds an airplane, and the travel size version of Perfection.

I also had to talk myself down from dropping $50 on a Christmas train to circle the tree...I'll be going back Saturday morning to check the after-Christmas sale on that. We always had one at my dad's house, and I thought it was SO COOL.

Merry Christmas to all my bloggy friends! I hope yours turns out to be as awesome as mine is turning out to be! We thought this may be our hardest Christmas yet, but have been so blessed! We actually bought each other-NICE-gifts, our little boy got everything he could've dreamed of, and then husband was blessed enough to pick up a lot of overtime the past couple months that made it all happen. We were so worried with the baby coming, how we could afford all of this at once, and we made it happen. I feel so thankful!!

P.S. I'm still baking that bun in my oven. Hopefully, she stays put! One more week! Almost there! Thank goodness, bc my back very well may give out on me soon!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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