Monday, December 28, 2009

What am i doing on New Years Eve, you ask?? I'll tell you.

Allright, well this will *probably* be my last post before doomsday, I mean, baby day comes. Unless something tragic worth telling happens, which is quite possible considering my plans for the next couple days...

Anywho- Today is Monday, and Thursday at 9am, my stomach is once again being sliced open once again, to remove an alien being that will bring me both joy & misery. Joy, that I have another baby, misery, that my wonderful nights of sleep will be gone, that I just got to the point with my son, where I can turn him loose at family functions, and not have too watch him TOO closely & actually get some adult time in. It's all over. Here we go again.

And to top it all off, I will probably not be released from the hospital until Sunday, and I DO NOT HAVE A LAPTOP. I'm pretty sure if I don't die in surgery, I may die from lack of facebook. I have been told MULTIPLE times in the past week how much people look forward to my status updates...Now if only they'd read my damn blog too.

So farewell for the next week or so. Tomorrow, I may be attempting to take my son to the movies for the 1st time. Yeah. That ought to be good. And then Wednesday, we're apparently going out to eat with family members. Again, should be interesting.

So bye. I'm sure I'll have some good shit to blog about when I return!

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  1. oh my! You're so like whatever about the whole thing which cracks me up! Good luck!!