Monday, November 16, 2009

Apparently, no one likes my opinion. Anywho...

So no one decided to comment on my last 2 posts. Whatev. That's cool. I'll remember that.

So I feel the need to do a little bit o' bitchin today. I don't normally complain about work or patients (well, not publicly...) but today I had one man that really irked me.

I had a 4 year old boy, which, mind you, 4 yr olds are hit & miss anyway. Some are awesome, some are horrid, some are just confused, some are lost in the cartoons on the tv in the corner of my room...This particular 4 yr old, was confused. And rightfully so!! First, he was EXCITED to come back with me, which is USUALLY an indicator to overbearing parents to stay out in the lobby-where they belong (bc they tend to complicate things. Keep reading for case & point.) But this mom, (who was missing more teeth than she actually had) also brought along HER father (and does everytime, as noted in said child's chart), and they both JUMP up, and grandpa says "Oh I want to see how he does!" Okay, fine. If you really want to be proud & see him do great, fine. Come on back. So as I walk up to mom, to say hi, and ask if she has any concerns with little nugget, she says
"What are you having?"
I, taken aback, bc I hadn't even said hi yet say "Oh....Um...a girl." (I don't mind sharing personal info, but only with people with decent teeth.)
"Oh, see? I told you so! I can tell its a girl by how shes carrying. Look at her, I told you it's a girl. I wish I had a girl."

While I did not say this, I was THINKING 'Why would you wish such awful things upon innocent children?'

I digress.

So little nugget, who was very cute btw, (and had good teeth, shockingly, bc his mother can't even take of hers...) was being good, and said he would try to take pictures of his teeth (xrays). So I ask mom & grandpa to leave the room (BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL FOR ANYONE OTHER THAN THE PATIENT TO BE IN THE ROOM DURING XRAYS. THE BUTTON IS EVEN OUTSIDE. MOST PEOPLE KOW THIS.) They go out, reluctantly, and the real problems begin...

I'm talking to little nugget-
"Okay, I need you to bite down on this and then hold real still. Don't move at all."
Child bites and sits still.
Grandpa pipes up-
"Keep biting down! Just keep biting down!"
And child begins GNAWING on the film, bc he took grandpa's instructions to mean repeatedly bite down. And basically eat the film. This is why parents/gp's are NO.HELP.WHATSOEVER.
So I finally get the kid to stop eating the film. Then right as I run out to push the button, he moves his head. So I go back in to correct his head position, which is normally not a big deal, easily fixed.
Except for grandpa decides to run back into the room-ahead of me even. And starts moving the kids head around and missing with my xray equipment. So I say-
"I need you to be in the hall while I do this."
"Okay I know, I will in just a minute."
No. That is not how it works bucko. I am the professional here, I went to college to have the privelage of positoning heads correctly and messing around with extremely expensive xray equipment. Not you. So by this point I am extremely aggrevated, and I say (very firmly)...

"No. You need to go out there. You cannot be in here, it is illegal."

And ol' pappy puts his hands up, like he was surrenduring to me, and left. And guess what? I couldn't get any xrays to turn out bc the poor kid by the end of this didn't know up from down. Shocking.

Agh. And the rest of the appointment, they continue to talk for this poor child, who clearly can speak for himself, if given the chance...and then start asking me more questions about my baby and my due date, and-get this- when they think I will go into labor.

Geeeeeeeezzzzzzz people. I don't know you. I don't care when YOUR birthday is, when your MOM'S is, when your UNCLE'S is, and how much it would SUCK to be a Christmas baby, but how awesome it would be to be the New Years baby. Obviously, I didn't tell them I have a c/s scheduled for Dec 31st, they'd prolly want to come visit. They clearly wanted to talk details. None 'yo. (None yo bid-nazz, that is...)


  1. UH. I hate when people go on and on about the baby. I am willing to tell them when I am due and what I am having. That's pretty much it.

    I especially like the ones who say, "oh you must be due any day you look like you are going to pop". Um.......I didn't say "oh you are skinny and missing your teeth, you must have done meth" do I??????

    It's called common curtosy ppl!

  2. hahaha that's awesome. At one office I work in, I work on "community days", when state-funded ins. people come in. NOTHING AGAINST THEM AT ALL, but let's face it, a LOT haven't been to a dds in YEARS, if EVER...and the most enjoyment I get out of it, is being able to flat-out ask people if they do/have done a lot of drugs, bc that's about the only way they ended up that way....ahhhh I love my job.
    sidenote: even if some of them have been going to dentist, if you're doing meth on the side and/or drinking a case of mt. dew each night, it doesn't matter. just throw in the towel.

  3. i thoroughly enjoyed this story of the xray the toothless mom and her crazed father - thanks for sharing the fun!

    and btw, if you come to my blog and let me know you were there, i will absolutely come over and read your blog and comment. problem lately is that i am 4 posts behind on comments so i don't always get to see every single post of every single blog which stinks but is the nature of the beast, so plz don't be offended! i still love ya!

  4. I come to your blog at LEAST once everytime you post! And I usually go back in case someone comments on my comment. Bc I'm like that. lol And I totally get being behind, I barely have had time to read lately for reasons, that I'm sure, I will be posting about. lmao