Monday, November 30, 2009

I have recovered from my Thanksgiving injuries, thank you.

Yes, I said injurieS, plural.

First and foremost, I must say, I am a huge fan of Criminal Minds, and last Wednesdays episode was UH-MAZE-ING. I dvr'd it and watched it again last night when I couldn't sleep, bc I felt like torturing myself with the intensity & agony. Good Lord. Anyone who saw it, you know what I mean. But along with it being the best episode EVA, it was also the saddest, and made me cry. Both times I watched it.

Okay, so turkey came & went like any other one would. I was pleasantly surprised when my office decided to pay out our unused vacation time-convieniently on Thursday. Wa-hoo. I had some BF shopping funds. And boy, did it come in handy! I was up at 4 am, left the house with the previous days make-up on at 4:30 (nope, I don't wash it off before bed, and I do have nice skin thank-ya-very-much) and got to the mall about 10 til 5. Met a work friend for breakfast around 6, continued on my journey and got back home around 12:30. I got everything I needed, and this is where injury #1 comes in- MY FEET WERE KILLLLLLLING ME. KILLING ME. Why I didn't wear tennis shoes, I don't know. Yes, I do. Because the 1 pair of non-work tennis shoes I own are ugly. That's why. So I chose the fashion before comfort route, and had to practically crawl into my house. Horrible. So then, I try to take a nap for the next 4 hours, of which I slept about 30 min, due to my son coming in my room every 15 min asking if I was rested yet, and could I read him this book? and oh yeah- he wants Little Bear on NOW. At one point, I had to pee, (seeing as it had been about 30 min since my last pee...a pregnant chick record!) and as I started to get out of bed, my LEGS were almost IMMOBILE they hurt so bad. Moms, back me up, when it gets late in your pregnancy, your legs, like right at your hip joint where everything attaches, start to hurt like a mo' fo' bc everything is shifting, preparing for childbirth. (Which, I've been trying to make a deal with nature, bc this is not neccessary for a woman with a scheduled c-section.) And then I walked around shopping for 8 hours...I couldn't freakin move. (Thus: Injury #2)

And injury #3 came on Saturday when I hosted the in-laws for our own TG dinner. As I was taking to rolls out of the oven, they started to slide off the pan, back into the oven, and my first thought was to grab the pan with my other hand. And then I proceeded to jump up & down from the pain of grabbing a 350 degree pan right out of the oven with my mitt-less hand. I spent the next 2 hours soaking it in cold water, which I'm pretty sure is not what you're supposed to do. But finally, I sucked it up, and allowed it to come to room temp. Today, my hand is mostly, except for a little spot on the pad of my pinky, that WILL be peeling in a few days. But at least it didn't blister. I need my hands for work. One of my college instrustors always said "Protect your hands! Your hands are your livelihood!" True dat. I have 3 weeks left of work- then will have 8 weeks of unpaid Christmas vacay & maternity leave. I need these 3 weeks!!

I apologize for my lack of commenting & posting over the holiday. I'm still trying to get caught up on normal things. After nearly DYING this weekend, and only 4 hours of sleep last night, i doubt that will happen tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Ohhhhhh, you poor thing. I SO remember that hip pain. It's awful. Almost as bad as the shooting pain that comes in the night up your leg through your butt that makes you scream like you're being murdered. Sound familiar? Ah ha