Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who wants more ice cream???

I love my child. Currently, I am listening to him scream & beat the walls bc he's pissed I won't give him more ice cream.

If this shit doesn't put me into early labor, I don't what will.

I tell myself about 7,495 times a day, that he is just a 3 1/2 year old, he doesn't know how to express his feelings. Other than screaming at decibels only dogs can hear (and neighbors) and putting holes in the walls. We all feel like that sometime. I can't really BLAME him. Sometimes I want to scream and throw things, but I don't bc I am an adult.


But him screaming & throwing shit, makes me want to scream & throw shit. And let go of a whole slew of profanities that would make HBO offended.

I had all these plans to re-do his room, to make it more gender neutral (as he will be sharing with his soon-to-be baby sister), but decided against it once I realized that ink pen just will not wash off, and seeing as his crayons & markers got thrown away about a week ago, bc I told him to pick them up and he instantly ran over to draw an orange line on the wall...painting right now just wouldn't be smart. Neither would be getting new carpet, with at least 2 daily spills of food/drink.

On the up-side, he has officially stopped using his bedroom floor as a urinal. I told my hubby to put the small potty back in psychotic 3 year olds room, to which I received an eyeroll and a "Agh, Sarah. Whatever.", which I responded "Well, taking it out obviously has not taught him to come out of his room when he wakes up and go to the bathroom, and you are not the one 7 months pregnant, on your hands & knees scrubbing piss out of the carpet or washing sheets at least every OTHER day, so really, you just need to go downstairs and get the potty and put it back, umkay?"

So for the first time in MONTHS, I changed demon childs sheets, NOT bc they were covered in pee, but bc they had been on his bed for a whole week. Maybe a little longer. Just thought I'd freshen his little bed up...and I didn't mind that so much!


  1. oh man my daughter used to write on everything too - walls, sofas, toys, books, the floor - I had to toss everything for awhile in my house and scream my bloody head off - she finally stopped it

  2. I AM SCARED. MY 16 month already has 'tude. Ah ha ha

  3. hang in there - it DOES get better. there were many times my now 7 yr old had me in tears

  4. oh man. OH MAN. frightened. closing up the uterus for business.