Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Black Friday that is. Now, bc I am a part-time worker, I typically don't have a lot of money to blow. I prefer to do my shopping, a little at a time, and often. So really, the only thing left on my agenda that is a MUST DO on BF, is my BIL's GF's gift. But I've been analyzing BF ads online since Sunday night, debating what I need to waste some cash on.

I DO have 1 toy left to get for my son. That he is DYING for, and may kill me in my sleep if Santa does not bring it. Rocky the Robot Truck. Have you seen this thing? It's a dump truck that like gets up on its back wheels and sings & dances. It IS a pretty cool toy for a 3 1/2 yr old. He fell in love with this truck about 2 months ago, when something evil force within me decided it would be okay to take him to Toys R Us. (For the record, never okay. TRU should have a "parents only" rule to save us all from ever thinking it might be okay.) Well, my problem is I am cheap, and $60 is a lot for a dancing truck.

So I stop into Walmart yesterday, to see if they have it, and lo-and-behold, they have 1 left- for the low-rollback price of $40. (And I cut a $3 off coupon for this toy out of Sunday's paper. woot woot) Problem is, at this time, I have about $3 to my name. So I pray to God no noe buys it until I get paid. I get home, tell hubs about the truck and he asks me why I didn't buy it. Ummm bc I have $3 and it costs $40. So then he informs me, I could've used money from our bills only account. Well, I don't know this, bc I'm not the billpayer. I never know the balance or what needs paid when, or how much anything is...I just prefer not to be bothered by those things. So I tell hubs to stop there on his way home from class. His response is "I don't really want to." Oh well, okay then?!?!?! I'll spend 420 more on it at TRU bc you don't fell like going to pick it up. Cool.

So I got smart this morning, and called Walmart, they still have the one & only, and it's being held for me until tonight. EAT IT. IN YO FACE.

And to all mothers- or future- ALWAYS check Walmart before making any purchase at TRU. It's always cheaper. And our local TRU has the WORST MANAGER EVER. But that's a whole other post....

Oh and good luck to all the other BF shoppers. Let's all take our manners with us, umkay??


  1. as I've said to a few case you're checking...I'm not spamming you...
    black friday literally scares the shit out of me.

  2. i'm scared this year too! i'm 8 months pregnant, i feel a bodyguard is completely necessary, however, paying a bodyguard would leave me with less cash to spend...what's a girl to do??

  3. I usually avoid ALL stores on BF. I went out ONCE. And unless I really need a specific thing? NEVER AGAIN.

    WalMart's prices can't be beat. Also, check their online store. Usually they'll mail it to your store if you can't pay shipping.