Friday, November 13, 2009

My Philosophies....(I'm not sure I can even spell that word...)

Just to put a FEW things out there to vent...bc I get sooooooo tired of stupid people and ignorant comments. And I keep my mouth shut bc I hear soooooo many people with false info, that it drives. me. inSANE.

Here we go:

1. I'm getting the H1N1 vaccine for myself & the fam. I highly doubt we will grow extra limbs, or become any more mentally challenged than we already are. Sorry folks, I'm pregnant, and not looking forward to DEATH by SWINE FLU. "Oh who knows if it's safe? blah blah blah...I have my thumb up my ass...blah blah blah...." THE FDA WOULDN'T APPROVE IT IF IT WASN'T. Get over yourselves.


3. Local issue: casinos in Ohio. Bring 'em on. I honestly heard someone say "The only jobs it will create is for those who build it." REALLY??? THEY'RE GOING TO BUILD MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR CASINOS AND THEN THEY SIT EMPTY? No, jackass, people will WORK there. LOTS of people.

4. I am pregnant, and I still drink regular pepsi and eat kids cereals full of sugar, always have, always will. My first child came out fine, and I'm pretty sure this one will too. Back off bitches. I don't talk to my belly, I don't play it music, I don't sit around and encourage the fam to give it kisses, I don't feel it's neccesary. Oh yeah and I don't breastfeed either. Get over it. Above said child is fine. I wasn't breastfed. I'm healthy. I seriously do NOT believe it makes your child better/smarter/faster than mine. And I ALSO bonded with my son JUST FINE without it.

5. And suck on this- I also asked my OBGYN to have the nurses clean my newborn son before I held him. Sorry, I don't want bloody, other-bodily-fluid- covered baby THROWN at my face. I just don't. And yet, I still bonded with my baby. WEIRD. And I plan on doing the same thing again.

And no, I did not have a bad day. It just occured to me that I should probably vent this on my blog to people I do not see in my "real" life, bc like I said, I keep my mouth shut as to avoid confrontation about certain issues.

So I wish all of you a sun-shiney weekend, from my liberal, formula feedin', clean baby holdin', casino workin', Obama votin', H1NI avoidin', pregnant self.

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